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Compend.of Chinese Stone Inscriptions over Dynasty (中國歷代石刻史料匯編 電子版)

Compendium of Chinese Stone Inscriptions over the Dynasties is a full text database of epigraphical materials appeared in various dynasties in China. This database collects more than 15,000 metal and stone inscriptions including documents on Chinese politics, military, literature, economy, religion, geography, science, technology, education, etc. Critical notions made by concurrent inscription researchers are also incorporated along with the engravings per se.

These valuable inscriptions have a bearing on the past history and social life of ancient China, providing an extremely valuable treasure for scholars on Chinese studies. The key feature of this database is the ability to cross-search Chinese/Japanese, traditional /simplified Chinese, and typographical variants, which enhances the completeness of content search.? The system also includes features such as browsing, linking to the page images and copying, pasting, and printing. These tools are very helpful for various researches.