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Collected Documents on Taiwan (臺灣文獻匯刊 電子版)

 Co-published by Jiuzhou Press and Xiamen University Press, the Collection of Documents on Taiwan is a product of efforts from experts and scholars of the College of Humanities, Xiamen Univ. and the Studies Center of Fujian and Taiwan, Fujian Normal Univ., who spend nearly 10 years in collecting historical documents on Taiwan from various libraries, archives and civil organizations in Mainland China.

     The Collection comprises more than 600 titles and pieces of personal writings and local historical records, including a large quantity of sole existing copies, manuscripts and even rare editions, with a total of approximately 100 million Chinese characters. This is a complete corpus of documents that demonstrate the kinship between Taiwan and Mainland China, added with some selected pedigrees that keep track of the blood relationship across the Taiwan Strait. As the Collection of Documents on Taiwan and the Series of Documents on Taiwan complement each other, the two sets of literature may well be called the most fundamental and important data for research in Taiwanese history and culture ever published so far. 

     This electronic version of the Collection of Documents on Taiwan not only preserves all text images of its paper version, but also provides in?? the preface of each compiled volume a brief introduction, written by the editor-in-chief and the project editor, about the origin of its version and its value as historical data. The documents are compiled and organized as volumes, complete with multiple functions such as database searching and browsing, offering users a great help in looking up and reading the data. As its capacity of cross-reference throughout the texts allows users dig deeper into their interested topics for more detailed information, the Collection may well serve as one of the most effective and useful research reference in studying Taiwanese history and culture.


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