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Si Bu Cong Kan (四部叢刊)

Si Bu Cong Kan was compiled by the famous author and publisher, Zhang Yuanji ( 張元濟 ), at the beginning of the 20th century. He collected 477 categories, comprising 3,134 volumes of books with over 90 millions words. The database is another landmark electronic publication following the Si Ku Quan Shu (Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature).

     The electronic version of Si Bu Cong Kan reproduces the original books in electronic form. Its contents were inputted word by word to accommodate users to do searches by full-text and characters. Other features include summary note, conversion between Western and Chinese calendars, and cross-searches between traditional and simplified Chinese. Si Bu Cong Kan not only makes a perfect reproduction of the original books, but also combines various search tools that enable it to be turned into an efficient and valuable research tool.